Plastics reimagined?

As works of art!

At Greiner Zeroplast, we are pursuing our goal of developing alternatives suitable for everyday use to thermoplastics that are commonly used today, including in packaging. We see our work not only as a craft, but as art.

About us

Our vision is to create a material suitable for injection molding in series production that is 100% sustainable and is based on natural products.

At our technical center, we work every day on preparing such a material for the market, thereby reimagining plastic as we know it.

Greiner Zeroplast is part of Greiner.

Our goals

Circular economy

Products for the waste paper cycle

Honest sustainability

Complying with the “sustainability rules”

Physical properties

Breaking load and bending tensile strength

Our team

Erik Lippert, General Manager

Philipp Kranewitter, Finance Manager

Markus Huber, Technical Manager

David Mölzer, Process Engineer

Zeroplast Team